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We create and deliver training packages for  the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of GMP compliance, Learning Management Systems (LMS), packaging and labeling.


Webinars (60-90 minutes):
1. Onboarding New or Transferred Employees in a GMP Environment
2. Bad Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) = Bad Training: Garbage In, Garbage Out
3. The Importance of Packaging and Labeling in Pharmaceutical Production – Best Practices
4. Pharma curriculum development using a Learning Management System (LMS)
5. Strategies to Combat Counterfeit Drugs and Other Supply Chain Threats
6. Strategies To Prevent Manufacture and Distribution of Substandard Medications

Seminars (3+ hours) or Live Training (2 days):
7. SOP Writing, Training and Compliance for the Pharmaceutical Industry
8. Introduction to GMP

More training programs are in development!


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We are an enviable source of knowledge in the areas of manufacturing, compliance and learning for the pharmaceutical industry.

We also navigate between all these fields to create unparalleled insights and strategies to give our clients competitive advantage.

We also have carefully cultivated a reputation for integrity, responsiveness, and helpfulness, so that you can be assured that our services provide true value for your organization.

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